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Capitalize on Mint's Closure for Digital Growth

As Mint's exit marks the end of an era in PFM, it's now time to embrace the era of Personal Financial Guidance (PFG).

Our guide explains how Finotta can enhance your institution, showcasing a +41% increase in deposit retention, +35% more accounts per customer, 13x greater app engagement, and +21% additional debit card usage.

Embrace a future where your digital channel serves as more than just a utility—it delivers personalized financial guidance to each user, becoming a cornerstone of financial empower(mint).

Empower Your Digital Channel

Discover the game-changing impact of modernizing your digital channel to enhance customer engagement and loyalty, setting a new benchmark in digital banking experiences and fostering a community focused on financial wellness.


Shift from conventional financial management to a personalized strategy. Explore the advantages of providing customized financial guidance and suggestions, enhancing customer connections and enriching their banking journey, positioning your institution as a leader in digital innovation.

Drive Profitability

Unlock the untapped potential of your digital platform as a key revenue generator. Explore how engaging digital experiences can not only fulfill customer needs but also open up new revenue streams, transforming your digital banking services into a central pillar of your institution's financial success.